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    Monday Blog post callout

    Posted by Charles Gray on June 28, 2011

    Well, it’s here at the Movie Blog, under “Pixar and the Weight of Expectations.”

    The ending of the post I think nails what I’ve been thinking about Cars 2:

    I don’t want this to seem like a sad post mourning the loss of the company’s perfect record. I’m not bitter or angry or disillusioned or anything as melodramatic as that. I just think that this minor hiccup reminded me of just how wonderful Pixar are, and the fact that I am so sad about this illustrates just how good they are at what they do. I don’t want to end this article with some trite observation or advice. Really, the guys at Pixar know what they’re doing far better than I do. So I just want to end it on an optimistic note, because I think it’s fitting. So I declare: I will see Cars 2 when it’s released here. I might even like it more than most.

    The Fact is that Pixar remains one of the best, if not the best animated companies out there. And the fact that they may have had a small hiccup, with Cars 2– if even they have, because there seems to be a number of critics who feel that it’s a failure simply because it isn’t an instant classic– only calls out, again, just how much excellent work they’ve done over the years, and how much they rejuvenated the children’s movie market.




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