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Voldemort Vs. Morgoth, and why we should thank J.K. Rowling.

Posted by Charles Gray on July 10, 2011

Long ago, when I was teaching a 4th grade class, a debate erupted among the students, some of whom had read J.R.R. Tolkiens, Silmarillion.  I made some notes of it, and today, while cleaning, found them.
It was quite simply– who would win in a fight, Voldemort or Morgoth?

Now, this is normally simply something you hear about in fan conversations, quite often high school and older, and of course, the answer is: if you want to take it seriously, as a friend mentioned: It’s Magic Hitler Vs. Satan– this isn’t a contest.

But even so, many of the kids were reading Tolkien because they’d started with Harry Potter and wanted more. They were reading the Silmarillion and asking questions about Morgoth  because of Voldemort and Harry.

It’s a bit late, since most people now accept J.K Rowling’s books, but you still get someone commenting that they’re not real literature– and I disagree. They are in that they have created a love of reading among many children, many now adults, who grew up fighting the death eaters along side Harry or wanting to see who would win the newest Quidditch match. It created a way of looking at racism divorced from any particular group and yet showcasing just how ugly it is. (That last can be important– there are children in school today who have never personally encountered racism, so they can have a hard time relating to it).

Writers, fantasy and otherwise, should thank Rowling– Harry Potter forever disproved the statement that reading was going away– simply reinforced the statement that if you have a good book, then you will get readers.




3 Responses to “Voldemort Vs. Morgoth, and why we should thank J.K. Rowling.”

  1. trouwfotograaf apeldoorn…

    […]Voldemort Vs. Morgoth, and why we should thank J.K. Rowling. « Charles Gray's blog of writing[…]…

  2. PC GAMES said


    […]Voldemort Vs. Morgoth, and why we should thank J.K. Rowling. « Charles Gray's blog of writing[…]…

  3. Cory Sanford said

    Voldemort and Melkor are very similiar. Both hate the world they are in, and want only power. It would be impossible to say who would win because they are from different worlds with different rules.

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