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    The Joys of final edits.

    Posted by Charles Gray on July 24, 2011

    You know, I think one day, I shall make a book or a story that only needs one, “final, this is it,” edit.

    And on that day, the seals shall be opened and God, or a rough facsimile thereof, shall come to earth for truly, the End Times are at hand.

    Seriously, I’ll read a chapter ten times and then on the final read I’ll get:

    Jo frowned, and said. “are you certain?”

    And then I scream like a startled monkey about the fact that there’s a “.” where there should be a “,” and why the #(#@*!!! haven’t I capitalized “Are.”  and even worse, how many other screwups have I missed.

    This happened back when I was doing lettering for Shanda Fantasy Arts.  Look through the lettering on screen ten times. Fine. Print out proof, fine.

    Send it in to Brenner, walk down to the mail box about a month later, open up the comp issues and….


    The neighbors complained.  The police wondered why I was beating an inoffensive comic book to death with a shovel.

    The answer is that it helped my blood pressure.

    So, as I go to my next, “Final, no honestly this time it is,” read of my manuscript, keep some love in your heart for the writer and editor and remember that they are human, and make mistakes.

    Lots. And. Lots. Of. Mistakes.



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