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    Blurb for pirates

    Posted by Charles Gray on August 7, 2011

    Here’s the very first blush of the advertising blurb for pirates– it may, and in fact probably will change.


    Two hundred years ago, the Sun went nova– and in the twenty years before than, mankind via desperate labor, built a fleet of ships to take themselves to safety. Aided by Galactic society, they have grown into a respected and politically important group.The only dark blot on the horizon as mankind prepares to petition for full member status on the Council are the pirates that continue to raid human worlds.  Never alien– only human worlds.


    But Stephanie Wilson is about to learn that the story of her heroic ancestors is  a lie.  That it masks a betrayal more monstrous than anything that had come before in human history. More importantly for her, it is a betrayal that many will kill to keep secret….



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