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    Excerpt snippet

    Posted by Charles Gray on August 7, 2011

    Well, having finished most of the work on my hard sci-fi novel, hopefully coming out soon via kindle and smashwords, I’ve started working on a young adult science fiction novel.

    Pirates of Earth is about, well, let’s just say not everyone is as black or white as they look at first. Here’s a short snippet:  (Sorry that there’s no blockquoting but it does odd things to the formatting.)


    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

    Stephanie couldn’t meet the older woman’s gaze. “No wonder he’s so furious with me. I deserve it.”

    Dana raised her eyebrows.  “Deserve it? How?”

    “I-…” Stephanie gulped against the hot rush of shame.  “His sister…you…everyone here. I was bitching at how bad the meal was and…”

    She closed her eyes remembering how the children had looked, their eyes bright and eager as Joseph carefully divided the single candy bar among them.  A feast, he’d called it, and they’d given thanks for it.

    Stephanie had thrown away candy bars, not because they were bad, but because she’d realized that she really wasn’t hung-

    “Enough, daughter.”  now Dana’s voice was firm.  “Do not enter into Nihilism, for that is the way of damnation.”

    Stephanie blinked, she’d heard the term used before, but… “Nihilism?”

    “When the sun burned, when your ancestors fled, leaving us trapped, as the seas boiled, and the cities melted, some proclaimed that there was no sense to even try to survive.”  The older woman smiled, and lifted up her deformed arm “We are not they. There is always reason to survive, and to take on the blame for something you had no part in, for a crime you didn’t even know about is not proper.  The question, the only question set before you, is what will you do now?”

    “I…I don’t know,” Stephanie said.


    That surprised her.

    Dana laughed at her expression. “Stephanie.  If you were sure, then I would be sure it was a mistake.  We have to jump blindly sometimes, but there’s no sense in doing it when we don’t have to. You’ll be among us for some time. Time enough to think about what you’re going to do afterwards.”

    “AM I ever going to be allowed to go back?”

    At that, Dana frowned, and fell silent for a moment. “That will be for the council,”  She finally said.

    Stephanie shivered.  Dana doesn’t sound too happy about that.



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    1. i want to read more!

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