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    “A Green Sun” up for sale on smashwords And now Kindle!

    Posted by Charles Gray on August 8, 2011

    A Green Sun is now up for sale on Smashwords– the Kindle Store will likely be coming soon. The book is there now!  It’s 1.99 at either store, but I do tend to get more in the way of royalties from the Smashwords site, hint, hint.

    A hard science fiction story, it is the first in the Fusion Age cycle, talking about the rise and aftermath of the development of cheap fusion power.  The consequences, both positive and negative for mankind will forever change the face of the earth– and beyond…

    My first published story, beyond academic stuff that is best used for knocking you out before tooth procedures, and I’m both happy and scared, so here we are!


    5 Responses to ““A Green Sun” up for sale on smashwords And now Kindle!”

    1. Good luck with that. Can you comment on using Smashwords? i.e. Pros and cons to Amazon.

    2. happyhyena said

      Well, I haven’t had much experience with either– Smashwords gives you less control over the format (they require it to be submitted in doc), but Do most of the heavy lifting via their own conversion software, and they convert into a LOT of formats. This includes kindle, so if you’re on their premium distribution (a free service requiring you to adhere to their guidelines) you’ll also be distrubted via amazon– but I’m not certain if you get the same exposure, so I submitted my files to both Amazon and Smashwords.
      I’ll let you know if I have any remarkably good or bad experiences on them at any point in the future– once I sell a few, I’ll likely post a “how they compare” for all who are interested.

    3. Thanks. So if I may ask a follow up: when you use their premium distribution and upload into Amazon separately, you get in affect two versions for sale on Kindle? Is there any chance of conflict, or difference in royalty amounts?

      • happyhyena said

        Smashwords gives a higher royalty– but for the other, I honestly can’t say– the smashwords edition is defined as such but other than that there’s no real difference. I’ll ask ’em and get back to you when I get a response.

    4. Rex Ryan said

      WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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