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    Michael Stackpole on pricing

    Posted by Charles Gray on August 12, 2011

    Michael Stackpole is a well known writer, and here he takes on the question of what should you price your book at.

    The sad, sobering and yet hopeful truth about self-publishing is this: there’s one magick formula. It is:

    1) Produce content.
    2) Promote content. (Producing more serial content is actually a promotional tool.)
    3) Repeat steps 1 & 2.

    It’s that maddeningly simple. Worrying about price points that will do the work for you adds variables you don’t need, can’t really control, and blinds you to what you really need to be doing. You’re a writer. Write. If you get good enough at it, folks will buy. That’s the one inescapable truth of our business: Writers write. Everything else follows therefrom.

    I think it’s a good point. I know people who have never produced a single completed manuscript, and yet who are overflwoing with information on how to produce books, how to price them and keep up with all the most recent groups.  They’ve forgotten that if you don’t have product– you don’t have customers.  For myself, at least for now, I’ll be sticking with .99-2.99 range, until I’m a bit more confident in my abilities, but the idea of adding added value material to books is certainly an interesting one, which I’m going to explore.



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