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    A very relevant writing blog post: or why are you wasting time here? :)

    Posted by Charles Gray on August 19, 2011


    A very relevant post to our concerns:

    Right now, you’re reading one of the most relevant, controversial, popular, and opinionated blogs about the world of publishing, and it is an epic fail on your part.

    You want my sales. That’s a statement, not a question. Or if you’re dreaming even bigger, you want John Locke’s or Amanda Hocking’s sales. You want to make enough money to retire within the next 12 months. And you’ve dropped by my blog to learn how.

    Maybe you’ve been following me for years. Maybe you just discovered me via a Twitter mention. Maybe you heard about me from a friend who said you should come here. If that’s the case, your friend wasn’t doing you any favors.

    Because this blog is a time suck. There are hundreds of entries to read, and tens of thousands of comments. It’s easy to get pulled in and waste hours, days, weeks.


    But it’s not just blogs. It’s Torchwood, it’s the various forums where we bitch and/or cheer at the latest deeds and misdeeds of our political leaders. It’s CNN.

    On a more serious note, it’s our family and for some of us, our young children.  It’s the fact that for many of of, our friends and family don’t really consider this “working” so have no problem demanding that we come down and fix the toilet, watch the little one, or eat dinner.

    Fundamentally, one of the biggest problems with writing, especially that long patch before we’re successful.  It’s easy to say: set a schedule and stick to it…but when you bring in pets, children, (day) job, household chores…it’s not so easy, even if you’re really trying.


    To make a long story short, writing is a job, and a hard one. Even if you enjoy it, it’s going to be hard, and long, and there will be many patches where you’re tempted to just give in and go down and watch that episode of Torchwood.


    And that is quite often what separates the writer who will have a book out from the writer who simply dreams of the book he will have out, one day.



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