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Getting Caught up in the Publicity Biz

Posted by Charles Gray on March 13, 2013



There are many, many blogs out there about how to market your writing.  Many sites discussing the best way to get good gigs, or to get that Great American Novel you’ve been thinking of writing written.




Reread the last sentence: thinking of writing.


Today’s world is full of ways to network, to market, and to profit from your writing.  In fact, freelancers, whether they are copywriters or working on fiction stories, have to sell themselves to get published.  However, none of that will help you if you don’t have any product.


Networking and setting up marketing should always be a component of your work, but focus on writing first.  If you have outstanding jobs, do them first.  If you are working on a chapter, finish it first.  Otherwise, you are in very real danger of joining the legions of internet denizens who got so wrapped up in creating the perfect marketing system that they neglected to create anything to sell.



One Response to “Getting Caught up in the Publicity Biz”

  1. Having the perfect marketing with nothing to market – sounds like they could change from unsuccessful writers to very successful workers in marketing!

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