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    Dean Wesley Smith and Ebook pricing

    Posted by Charles Gray on June 4, 2013

    Dean Wesley Smith  has some interesting comments about ebook pricing in his Blog.


    There are a number of good sides of this for writers.

    First, it means authors who are publishing through traditional publishers will get more money per sale because publishers will make more money from increased prices. And they do pass on, sometimes, a tiny fraction of that amount.

    Second, if indie publishers are smart, they will bring their prices up slightly, but stay under the traditional discounting ranges. I will talk about this before, but it will make us all more money.


    What I would like to add is that this brings up the important point for any ebook publisher or writer.  Don’t under-price your book. There is a temptation to try and get it dramatically lower than the competition. There are two problems with this:


    1. You’re likely working from a limited pool of purchasers.  Unless you are already well known or have an incredible break out hit, you won’t be making much money, especially considering the royalty hit you take  as your drop your price.

    2.  Charging 3.99 for a 8-30k book isn’t overpricing– you need to consider what prices are like today.  Want to buy a regular Mc Donald’s meal? You’re spending more than 3.99, and so are your buyers.  If your book is good, if it brings them enjoyment. They’ll pay 3.99.


    And you’ll have enough money to eat.



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