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    Beware of Bubblews.

    Posted by Charles Gray on December 14, 2013

    Bubblews is one of many “writing opportunities” on the internet that holds out the promise of money in order to entice new writers. However, this site has received a great deal of criticism, including some rather harsh commentary from writers who have claimed that they complied with all the requirements and never got paid. Others have been paid, but only after long delays and a great deal of effort, effort which could have been better used writing new material.

    Should you try Bubblews? 

    I would advise against it.  As a freelance writer, your writing is your bread and butter.  If you were thinking of working for a store, even a single story of “not getting paid” would likely send you elsewhere.  The same should apply  here.  Before writing for a site, always check around– not just with the fans of the company, but the critics as well. Otherwise, you could find that you’ve published dozens or more articles and yet never receive a cent in compensation.  Remember, that as a freelancer, you have very few methods to compel payment– at this level of pay out the only people who are hiring lawyers are the ones who didn’t need the job in the first place.

    For writing sites, whether they pay on delivery or share ad revenue, this should also be a cautionary tale– it takes very few problems like this to cause many writers to shy away, especially the best ones. The writer payment system should be one of the first things to be tested and ready, not the last.  If writers are having to email the business a dozen times to get their pay, it’s likely that its reputation has already suffered irrecoverable damage.

    So on the whole, it’s likely that you would be better off focusing on writing sites that have a better reputation, whatever their method of payout is.



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