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    Posted by Charles Gray on January 12, 2014

    The Back (or inside front) cover blurb is seen by some authors as what you do last.  But that may not be a wise decision. in fact, in some cases, it can be wise to write, or at least think about your blurb first.


    Your book blurb isn’t just the thing you hope will sell the book; it often encapsulates your entire book concept down into a paragraph or even less.  That means that if you can write your book blurb, you’re able to understand what your book is about– and  maybe save yourself from finding out after you’ve written hundreds of pages that you’ve managed to get your story completely lost.

    Obviously your blurb isn’t the entire story, so it won’t cover everything. It’s not even an outline of your story, but it’s a nice concise “this is what I’m doing” that can sit on your desk and let you know when you may be getting off track. 

    Remember, no matter how many blueprints it takes to make the final product, every house, plane, and car starts out with an engineer sitting down and writing a paragraph about “this is what I want to do.”  See the book blurb in a similar way and you’ll find it an excellent help to your book or article writing efforts.



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