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    No I’m not dead…but Robotech Academy is. Here’s what you should learn from that.

    Posted by Charles Gray on August 13, 2014


    Well, it’s been a busy month or so.  That’s my excuse AND I’M STICKING TO IT. But let’s talk writing and the death of Robotech Academy’s kickstarter.

    As Scorched Earth Toys points out:

    Can we trust Harmony Gold or is Harmony Gold a company we would want to give money to?  HG has an image problem.

    Or to put it differently, fans don’t trust Harmony Gold. At all.  The entire post-Robotech history has largely been a series of poorly made and never made sequels, along with announcements that have the same connection with reality as Saddam Hussein’s spokesman.  In this case, there was the fact that the Shadow Chronicles which were supposed to be the ‘new’ Robotech OVA series have been pretty obviously dropped in favor of a claimed live action movie that did not materialize.  Many individuals were thus not willing to trust the kickstarter, especially when it was plain that it was for a 22 minute “premier” that would likely go nowhere.  

    There were other problems, which have been well described elsewhere– but the fact remains that the trust gap can be deadly– and it is especially deadly to someone who is self-publishing. You don’t have anything else than your writing. You don’t have PR aides or a big advertising budget. You have to make the connection with your fans yourself– and there are few things more devastating than getting a reputation for lying or shading the truth. 

    So be honest. If a book isn’t going to be out for at least six months, don’t keep telling people “soon!”  They may be disappointed, but they’ll understand. If they realize that you were saying: “soon!” when your book was an outline and 1/2 of chapter one written, they’ll also understand that you lied to them. 

    So don’t be that person.  Trust gaps can hurt.


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