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    The stories I have been working on for fun and publication

    Excerpt from “Bright Lights, Dark Shadows”

    Posted by Charles Gray on June 9, 2016

    A writer’s work is never done, and so here’s an excerpt from the next book in the Guardian’s series, “Bright Lights, Dark Shadows.”  Our intrepid pair of teens have made it to Los Angeles, and even in the depths of the Great Depression, the lights of Hollywood shine very brightly indeed… and cast dark, dark shadows. There’s magic afoot in Tinsel Town, and it isn’t Tara’s… but it is lethal.


    “It was a working of some sort,” Tara muttered in their room as she flipped through her notes. “It… I’m not certain what type. Oh,  Six Underworlds, if I’d only had my books with me when I fell through!” She ran one hand through her unbound hair, a quick, frustrated moment.

    “It looked like he was dissolving,” Michael said. “That, and he was getting older.”

    “Yes,” Tara muttered, “but it doesn’t make any sense.

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    It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

    Posted by Charles Gray on May 30, 2016

    I’ve been deep in well, Internet writing and getting some other projects off the ground. Unfortunately, life has a way of keeping you from that vital bit of telling people what you need to tell them. Hopefully, I’ll be a little more proactive now. I also have google alerts to poke me. 🙂


    Good news, one of  my stories is about to go live, possibly in the next week on Amazon Kindle.  Here’s a quick look at the initial cover, though I may be adjusting it a bit in the near future.  Ah, the joys of self-publishing, you get to do everything, in between glaring at George R.R. Martin and J.K. Rowling and their hoity-toity covers that have professionals designing them…

    Guardians cover


    I may be putting some snippets of the story up in the near future, so stay tuned!



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    Posted by Charles Gray on November 1, 2014

    Well, a small story I’ve been working on for awhile, “Commemoration Voyage” is now up for sale at Amazon, as well as Smashwords.

    Here’s the cover, done by yours truly:

    commemorate1This story is set in the mystic galaxy setting, where earth, after thousands of years in a region of null-magic has emerged, and galactic (and Terran) society will never be the same…  I’ve actually got a pretty large number of stories set in this universe, whether done, half-done or just a glimmer in my eye. Give it a check, if you’re of a mind to do so!

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