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The pirates of the Sun ebook novel, coming soon!

Pirates of the Sun, Chapter II

Posted by Charles Gray on August 14, 2011

And here it is– if you see anything interesting or something that makes you scream at the poor writing, don’t hesitate to point it out!

Chapter Two

“I’m missing Martyrs day,”  Jacob said, frowning.

“Should I read that as you want to keep watch on Stephanie?” his superior asked, a faint smile on his face.

“No, Michael’s a good kid.”  Jacob looked at the holographic image floating above the table and then leaned back.  “So, what is so important it couldn’t wait until tomorrow.”


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Pirates of the Sun snippet.

Posted by Charles Gray on August 13, 2011

My next novel will be a young adult science fiction novel with pirates. And exploding stars.

And cookies.

Here’s the segment and you have been warned.  Pirates will be coming to kindle and smashwords by the end of august.

New Terra, 2250

“Mom!”  Stephanie called as she bounded down the stairs. “Has Michael called?”

“Hmmm….”  Her mother paused and thought.  “Well, let me see, he hadn’t called the last time you asked, which was… about two minutes ago. So no, no he hasn’t called.”  She paused and looked at her daughter with affectionate frustration. “You know, you could just leave a recorder down here and save yourself the trip.”

The fifteen year old frowned as she folded her arms across her chest. “You could just let me have a perscom, and we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“And your father and I would never see you again.  Besides, we agreed. You get a perscom when you’re 16. Not a day before.”

Stephanie huffed, but didn’t push it any further.  Mom wouldn’t back down.

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