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    The Girl Who Stole a Starship Cover Preview

    Posted by Charles Gray on March 16, 2017

    Well, one of my stories is almost finished, going through final edits (otherwise known as: am I over editing? I think I’m over editing. Wait a minute, that phrase sucks).  I’ve also started working on the cover since us poor folk can’t hire those fancy pants graphic artists with their Highfalutin ways. I’m gonna give it a few more brush ups, and show it off to other people, and see what else I can do with it.


    Here it is:


    the girl who stole a battleship


    The book itself should be out on kindle in the next two weeks, or possibly earlier if I don’t find anything that demands major changes.



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    Young Adult writing, guns, racism…. and Boobs.

    Posted by Charles Gray on January 10, 2012

    Stephanie Faris makes a very good point in her post about sex in Young Adult books.  It’s well written and I think points out a fact that all writers need to consider– target audiences are shifting.  As a substitute teacher, I’ve seen kids reading Twilight at age 10, and Lewis and Clancy at not much older.  Equally, in a changing market it’s important to avoid limiting the audience.

    But there’s another factor here, one that goes beyond sex, and it’s the simple fact that children, even facing children, to say nothing of teenagers, have far more access to the world around them than we do.  Some teens have video and internet pals across the world– I know one girl who talks via internet and video chat with friends in Israel– and the West Bank.  She is, far more than I ever was, aware of the problems of the Middle East, whenever her Palestinian friend speaks of problems with the settlers, or her Israeli friend speaks of the tensions and fear she experiences whenever a rocket comes sailing over the  border– her contact is personal.

    We get the same today when you can watch youtube video’s or face book postings about the tsunami in Japan, or more locally about someone being bullied via the internet.  Like it or not, children and teens are exposed to, and aware of far more than we were, and that includes sex.  Go to deviant art, and you’ll see examples of artwork and images that not too long ago would have been, if a teen had them at all, a deeply hidden (or at least we hoped they were hidden) cache in the bedroom.  Today, you can get it on the internet, and I’m picking DA for a reason- it’s actually quite mild compared to what else you can find.

    Now, this doesn’t mean that YA writers should cheer and start writing sentences that start with “His pulsating Piston of Power,”  but you’ll have to accept that in the modern world of youtube and texting, kids, some of them quite young, may know a lot more about the world, and the dark places of the world, then earlier generations may have.  They may be more willing to talk about it, at least to their friends, and that means that the books they read had better talk about it as well.



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    Pirates of the Sun, Chapter II

    Posted by Charles Gray on August 14, 2011

    And here it is– if you see anything interesting or something that makes you scream at the poor writing, don’t hesitate to point it out!

    Chapter Two

    “I’m missing Martyrs day,”  Jacob said, frowning.

    “Should I read that as you want to keep watch on Stephanie?” his superior asked, a faint smile on his face.

    “No, Michael’s a good kid.”  Jacob looked at the holographic image floating above the table and then leaned back.  “So, what is so important it couldn’t wait until tomorrow.”


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