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    Fantasy: Who lights all those #(#*@!!!! torches?

    Posted by Charles Gray on July 13, 2011

    You see it in books, and in just about every fantasy movie. It’s dark, the evil overlord in his doom fortress is stalking down a corridor, or maybe the hero is sneaking in, or perhaps people are in the streets of the city…

    And there are torches.  Lamps, enough flickering lights that it looks more like an ancient version of LA than a real ancient city.

    The truth is, even the rich seldom had much activity at night.  Lamp oil cost, and had to be brought in, physically.  Torches lasted only a few minutes or at most hours, and had to be replaced continually. (why is everyone poor in many fantasy movies?  It’s because all the money goes to the Torch consortium.  They’re living in a golden castle, thank you very much). Read the rest of this entry »


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