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    The Bessemer Process: A New Book Enters the Ring!

    Posted by Charles Gray on June 30, 2016



    Sometimes, the biggest changes in our world are the ones that have been least remarked on. Take, for example, the Bessemer process. Before it was invented, high-quality steel was a semi-precious material due the time and effort it took to produce it. It was restricted to things like swords, dinnerware, and other such expensive goods, with cast iron being used for most other items.  After the Bessemer process became common, steel became the metal of choice for everything from bridges to cannon, and directly contributed to the rise of our first great skyscrapers.

    It literally changed the world and yet, even among those who know about the importance of steam power, the telegraph, or the airplane, the Bessemer process is almost forgotten.  Which is terribly unfortunate.  That’s why my upcoming young adult science-fact book will be about the development of the Bessemer process and the man who invented it. It’s a pretty damned interesting story.


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    Excerpt from “Bright Lights, Dark Shadows”

    Posted by Charles Gray on June 9, 2016

    A writer’s work is never done, and so here’s an excerpt from the next book in the Guardian’s series, “Bright Lights, Dark Shadows.”  Our intrepid pair of teens have made it to Los Angeles, and even in the depths of the Great Depression, the lights of Hollywood shine very brightly indeed… and cast dark, dark shadows. There’s magic afoot in Tinsel Town, and it isn’t Tara’s… but it is lethal.


    “It was a working of some sort,” Tara muttered in their room as she flipped through her notes. “It… I’m not certain what type. Oh,  Six Underworlds, if I’d only had my books with me when I fell through!” She ran one hand through her unbound hair, a quick, frustrated moment.

    “It looked like he was dissolving,” Michael said. “That, and he was getting older.”

    “Yes,” Tara muttered, “but it doesn’t make any sense.

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    The Demon and the Witch is out!

    Posted by Charles Gray on June 8, 2016

    And for sale or borrow at Amazon!

    Guardians cover


    As bad as the Great Depression is, there are worse things lurking in the shadows…

    The 1930s aren’t a safe time to be riding the rails in America, but when Michael is chased off of the train he was riding on, he finds that riding the rails can be positively safe compared to where he’s landed. In a dark Louisiana swamp, Michael will come face to face with a strange, white-haired girl, with powers that he’s never dreamed of.

    But she’s not the only strange thing about the swamp. There’s a malevolent power dwelling in the swamp, a power that controls the animals, the mists, even the decayed bodies of those it has killed. The only thing that has kept it from spreading is a girl who has been exiled from her own world and who has taken up the burden of confronting the evil that lurks in the swamp. But now, she’ll need Michael’s help as hatred, greed and fear bring others to the swamp, men who are willing to kill to get what they want—and who don’t realize the horror they may end up releasing on the world…
    The Demon and the Witch, Book I in the Guardians Series.


    Give it a look-see, why don’t, cha!

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