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    Playing with Kittens!

    Posted by Charles Gray on April 19, 2015

    It’s always important to stay active and so I have.  My new book, largely based on something I whipped up for my god daughter, has just gone live. Kittens! allows an early reader to experience simple sentences along with pretty images of kittens and can be used as a short book for him or her to enjoy on a tablet or as part of an early reader’s education.


    It’s available either for purchase at .99 cents or via the KU borrowing program.

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    Why “The Interview” is Important to Self-Published Authors.

    Posted by Charles Gray on December 25, 2014

    Why should self-published authors be worried about the Sony/North Korea problem?

    It seems like a simple matter— after all, few of us are major companies and fewer of us write comedies about offing the leadership of North Korea. However, the fact that major distribution networks, at least initially, caved in to threats and refused to show the movie should frighten anyone in the entertainment industry, especially those of us who self-publish. We are completely dependent on other groups to get our material out, whether it is the ISP that hosts our own sales site or Amazon. If they choose to surrender like the various theater chains did, we’re just out of luck. Oh there may be other ways to sell, but it’s hard for an independent to do that.

    That’s why you should do two things.

    1. Call or write your local theater to express you anger that they, even for a second, caved into this threat.

    2. Go see The Interview, even if it makes you want to tear your eyes out.

    Because the attack on The Interview wasn’t just an attack on a second rate comedy, it was an attack on absolutely every person who lives by the written word or any other form of entertainment media.

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    Lindsay Buroker on why you’re not selling a lot of books.

    Posted by Charles Gray on December 12, 2014

    It’s an old post, but bears reblogging: Lindsay Buroker talks about why you aren’t selling a lot of books.

    This is important– the old statement that “I’m into writing, not marketing” does not apply to self-published authors.  Nor, increasingly, does it apply to authors who are published through a traditional publisher.  The upside of the new publishing paradigm is that it’s easy to get your book out there. The down side is that its easy for everyone else to do that and you have to be willing to work to make certain other people know about your book.

    Here’s the relevant post:

    Let’s do a troubleshooting post today. I’ve had a few emails from new e-publishers wondering how they can sell more ebooks.

    If you follow this blog, you know I’m not a huge seller, but my earnings have certainly improved a lot since I got started in December (if I lived somewhere with more affordable housing than Seattle, I might even be making my house payment by now *g*), so I’ll take a shot at offering some advice here. I like lists, so let’s call it…

    7 Reasons You’re Not Selling Many Ebooks

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